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Platinum Indie is an online community, school, and platform for music industry professionals.

A bit about Platinum Indie

Tagline Everything Music Needs to Succeed

Mission – To empower Indie Recording Artists and their teams.

Vision – A world where Indie Recording Artists can access various success avenues, learn from clear concise information, and effectively monetize their creations.

An environment where connections are facilitated, collaborations are encouraged, and unprecedented success is experienced by our members.

A world where honesty, integrity, and fair deals for all are at the core of the music industry, where trusting relationships are fostered and nurtured, and where quality information is shared.

Most of all, a place where all industry players are inspired to be their best selves, live their best lives,
and elevate the impact of their best creations.

Values – We value honesty, integrity, creativity, professionalism, innovation, commerce, clear communication, respect for all, mentorship, collaboration, legacy, unity, peace, love, and the healing properties of musical light. Platinum Indie is a place everyone can shine.

Welcome home – let’s go PLATINUM!

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