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“Success in the music industry isn’t something that you wait for or hope for. It is something that you create, day after day.”

~ Simon S. Tam

PI Services

We provide high-quality executive management consulting services to help you grow your business and expand your potential.


Discover your brand articulated in a way that attracts your support system of fans and gives them a reason to stay connected.


Turn your passion into profits while connecting with and growing your authentic brand. Success looks different to everyone, we help you achieve success as defined by you.


Stay accountable, focused, and moving forward with our Executive Consulting program.

Premium Services

See the world through new eyes, enjoy a supportive team, consultant, and life-coach to ensure your total success. LEARN MORE



No need for endless searching, our Music Business Experts can help you brand your business, and your artists, develop success strategies, and guide you as you put your plan into action. What are you waiting for… contact us now.

Today's Artists are whole businesses

Invest In You!

Our consulting services help you establish your brand, connect with fans, and turn your passion into profits. We help artists mature into musicpreneurs, and we work with growing and established artists, producers, labels, and other music professionals to help you scale your business to the next level. What ever your goals are, we are here to help you achieve SUCCESS!

"People do not always look at the music business as an entrepreneur business, but everything in this business is entrepreneurship. A lot of times people have great ideas, but don't have a plan. The whole thing about being an entrepreneur is you have to have a plan."

Support You Can Count On

Virtual Office Plan for Labels & Earning Artists

Enjoy the seamless professionalism that comes from being a member of our Virtual Office. In addition to regular consulting meetings to help you lead your music business into success, you will enjoy access to our four virtual office departments including:

PR & Media Center

Our Media Center will help with

  • Bios
  • Press Releases
  • EPKs
  • Media Tours

Funding Center

Our Funding Centre will focus on securing increased funds and resources including:

  • Grant Writing
  • Investor Relations
  • Loans and Financing 

Agreements, Negotiations, & Infrastructure

We are not lawyers and therefore do not offer legal advice. We are skilled professionals who understand agreements, negotiate favorable terms, and help build the business infrastructure needed to execute the agreements and achieve business goals.

Development Center

Enjoy the benefits of accessing world-renowned expertise and experiences. Collectively with our colleagues, we help you:

  • Increase fan base
  • Secure celebrity collaborations
  • Access world-class artist development and production opportunities
  • Enjoy campaigns orchestrated just for your success

For Established Artists & Labels

Enjoy all the benefits that come for our Virtual Office and these additional Platinum Services:

PR & Media Center

Platinum Members will enjoy these extended services.

  • Release Strategies
  • Media Strategies
  • Influencer marketing
  • Celebrity partnerships and marketing 
  • Sponsorships +

Soft Skills

Learn the personal and professional skills needed to connect with and nurture business relationships, manage your public image, improve yourself, and bring your business to the next level.

Platinum Opportunities

Build your brand inside and outside of the  music industry. Our Platinum Opportunities are designed to help strengthen your existing brand, while helping you leverage that brand to create additional opportunities for business success and development. 

Life Coaching

Our team of experts will work with you to help you become your best self.

This will include one-on-one weekly coaching calls, a personal success strategy, and other supports as needed. 

Book A Consultation

Book a free 20 minute consultation with our Business Strategist and CEO Jessica Lambert.

Consultations are charged an hourly rate after the first consultation for those not enrolled in one of the service packages above. 

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