How to Gain Major Label Support & Maintain Independence in Music

How to Gain Major Label Support & Maintain Independence in Music

Warner gave Meg Thee Stallion the keys to the castle, actually all their castles around the world, and allowed her to remain INDEPENDANT!

Why would they do this? No, they have not lost their minds, they are responding to the new normal, achieve big… WIN BIG and on your own terms!

Manager, Roc Nation and Meg have achieved undeniable success including:

  • 3x Grammys 
  • 28 Million Monthly Spotify Listeners
  • 32 Million IG Followers
  • 6 Million YouTube Subscribers
  • Cross platform success with NEW Single (HISS) 

So… how do you have your musical career cake and eat it too? Read on!

In recent years, the music industry has undergone significant changes in the way that artists distribute and monetize their content. Three major players in the industry, Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Brothers, have recently signed distribution deals that allow artists to retain their independence while still being able to tap into the resources and expertise of these corporate giants.

The most recent example of this is Megan Thee Stallion who just inked a distribution deal with Warner Music allowing her to remain independent, own her masters, ability to release her music through her own indie label, and maintain creative control. If that all wasn’t sweet enough, Megan can also bring her artists signed to HGP along for the ride. So, why would Warner do this? Because Megan and her Managers at Roc Nation have achieved undeniable success, for example:

  • 3x Grammy Winner
  • 28 Million Monthly Listeners on Spotify
  • 32 Million Followers on Instagram
  • 6 Million YouTube Subscribers
  • A NEW Single (HISS) That Already Topped Apple Music’s Global Charts, Spotify’s US Charts, AND Trending on iTunes and YouTubes All Within A Week of Dropping

These are the type of numbers that will allow you the flexibility to write your own ticket, and get the key’s to the unlimited, international music conglomerate network that will help propel you to become an even greater force to be reconned with.

Major labels are no longer the only path to success in the music industry. Here are three more artists who have managed to secure multi-million dollar distribution deals while remaining independent:

  1. Chance the Rapper: Chance the Rapper is an American rapper and singer who has remained independent throughout his career, despite receiving offers from several major labels. In 2016, he signed a $500,000 deal with Apple Music to exclusively release his mixtape “Coloring Book.” The mixtape was a critical and commercial success, and Chance went on to win three Grammy Awards for his work on the album.
  2. Russ: Russ is a rapper, singer, and producer from New Jersey who has been praised for his DIY approach to the music industry. He has self-released over a dozen albums and mixtapes, and has built a significant following through social media. In 2019, Russ signed a multi-million dollar deal with Columbia Records for the release of his album “There’s Really a Wolf.”
  3. Tech N9ne: Tech N9ne is a rapper from Kansas City who has been active in the industry since the 1990s. He has remained independent for most of his career, releasing over 20 albums through his label Strange Music. In 2018, Tech N9ne signed a distribution deal with BMG for the release of his album “Planet,” which was a commercial success and earned positive reviews from critics.

These artists demonstrate that it is possible to achieve success in the music industry without relying on major labels. By building a dedicated fanbase and leveraging the power of social media, independent artists can secure lucrative distribution deals that allow them to maintain creative control over their music.

Under these distribution deals, artists are able to maintain ownership of their master recordings and creative control over their music. This is a departure from the traditional model of music distribution, which often required artists to sign over their rights in order to access the resources and reach of a major label.

By allowing artists to maintain their independence, these distribution deals enable them to retain a larger share of the profits from their music. Additionally, they provide artists with access to the marketing and promotional muscle of major labels, which can help them reach a wider audience and build their careers.

Overall, the recent distribution deals signed by Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Brothers represent a major shift in the music industry. By empowering artists to retain their independence while still accessing the resources of major labels, these deals offer a promising new model for the future of music distribution.

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