About Us

We help independent music professionals build successful businesses

Our team has over 20 years of experience developing winning solutions in business and in the music biz.

Platinum Indie is a division of Platinum Rouge Entertainment, and was created in response to several request by independent recording artists, songwriters, producers, and label executives looking to build successful music businesses.

Solutions for every stage of your development.

Everything we do is done with the musicpreneur in mind. At every stage of your development we have products and services to meet your needs, for example:

  • FREE – Platinum Rouge Music Podcast (in collaboration with Platinum Indie)
  • FREE – Platinum Indie blog
  • Affordable – Courses so you can improve your knowledge and help you achieve success
  • Hourly Consulting Calls – for executive and strategic advice on business matters you may book calls on an hourly basis if you are not part of one of our retainer programs. 
  • Branding, Strategic Planning, and Consulting Services billed monthly
  • Virtual Office – specializing in music business development and public relations
  • Platinum Services – that include the virtual office and a variety of other perks this is for established businesses with large budgets who can afford full-premium services

Platinum Indie - proudly helping indie music professionals WIN

Mission – we provide products, services, and opportunities to music professionals so that they have the tools, knowledge, networks, and support needed to build sustainable businesses and enjoy a quality lifestyles, while creating and sharing what they love most – music.

Vision – a world where artists do not starve, where investors fairly profit, where authentic art is celebrated, and where love is bottled into notes and streamed across a sea of hope, healing us all.

Values – music, unity, love, business, education, profit, success, individuality, integrity, opportunity for Black creators, authentic relationships, kindness, and lyrics that use vibrations to heal generations. 

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Jessica Lambert, Platinum Indie President

Jessica Lambert, Co-CEO of Platinum Rouge, and CEO of Blessed Vibez, leads as President and Co-Founder of Platinum Indie.

With several years of experience in the Arts & Entertainment business, Jessica and her team are passionate about creating products, services, and opportunities that help music professionals, and especially independent artists, producers and labels, navigate the music industry landscape and build viable, sustainable businesses.

“Helping artists turn their passion into profits is something I have done since I was a teen” says Jessica. “I love the feeling of seeing someone live their bliss, and I am honored to be a part of every dream we help make come true.” 

After meeting many artists who needed budget friendly consulting services to get their businesses up and running, Jessica decided to create a hub for musicpreneurs serious about building their business. 

Jessica’s experiences have included casting for TV/Film and Music Videos, providing project and artist management services, hosting celebrity fundraisers, arranging tour sponsorship, leading media relations and media tours, business planning, strategic planning, fan relations, branding, creating diversified revenue streams, investor relations, grant writing, sponsorships, endorsements, personal and professional development, team building, organizational development, community relations and more. Jessica is also the host of Mind Your Music Business podcast, available on all platforms.