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Shine like a Star, Move like a Boss! Our courses, resources, and services help Indie Professionals make informed decisions that improve their business. We are a boutique company with a big heart for creatives. Our goal is to make Platinum Indie a place where Recording Artists, Producers, Managers, Label Executives, and Brand Leaders can comfortably live, learn, and laugh...all the way to the bank. Your music is your business, and we help you focus on what matters most, long-term career success!

Jessica Lambert, Co-Founder & CEO
Tredel Lambert, Co-Founder & CIO

Welcome to the Fam

Platinum Indie is a boutique family business owned by Jessica Lambert, and her son Tredel Lambert. Jessica possesses over 20 years of experience in the Business Consulting, Community Development, Training and Education, and Entertainment industries. Tredel earned a diploma from one of the world's top art schools, Sheridan College, and has been the master mind behind many media worthy art campaigns. Together Consultant and Artist, Mother and Son, have created a platform that empowers Recording Artists, and their teams, in an unprecedented way.

“We love music. It’s one of the ways we bond. Years ago my son and I would stand in the cold Canadian winter, freestyling Lil Wayne, Eminem, Digital Underground, and The Sugar Hill Gang while waiting for the bus. Hot lyrics kept us warm on cold days. This platform is our way of thanking Recording Artists for the sunshine they spread” Jessica Lambert.

“We have a lot of fun and innovative developments in the works. As an Artist myself, I am proud to help develop a service that empowers and educates Artists in such an authentic way” Tredel Lambert.

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What Our Students Have to Say

As a new Recording Artist breaking into the industry, it can be hard to know which way to go, who to trust, or even to understand the industry vernacular, Platinum Indie has taken away the mystery and helped me feel as at home with the business of music as I do when writing songs, thank you PI.
King J Tha Don, Recording Artist
Toronto, Canada
I have been an Artist Manager for years, but no one teaches you the ins and outs, you kind of learn while getting bumped and bruised along the way. It's nice to have a friendly place I can go to learn the ins and outs without judgement or fear. I know if I need a coaching session to help me be on my A game I simply book it and get the inside help I need. This site is a refreshing and very much welcomed resource.
Jillie J. Collins, Artist Manager
Spanish Town, Jamaica
As the owner of an Indie Label, I find it handy to have one place where I can pull resources from, and where I can continue to build my industry knowledge. I encourage my Artists to learn here too, that way we all speak the same language and are on the same page.
Mark Miller, Indie Label Executive
Alabama, USA
THANK YOU PLATINUM INDIE. I am not scared to admit that when I started making music I was out of my element beyond recording my songs. I had no idea how to register my music, how to handle copyright, which way to go for production and publishing, how to market me music, how to get fans NOTHING. Now, I actually feel like I have a hope at making it. Super relieved this is my new go to spot #excited.
Jack Black, Recording Artist
London, UK